• Gill, Cork City

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  • 27/03/2013

Rían (3 1/2) is literally a new child after the sessions with did with you. For almost a year he had been struggling with toilet issues. In January 2011 he was constipated and obviously hurt himself during this time and developed a fear of going to the toilet. He would hold on to it for almost a week and if he needed to go he would hold on to something to stop it from coming out. He would scrunch his head up into his shoulders and do anything he could to stop it from coming. We went to 3 different doctors and all of them suggested laxatives. This was no good. He was not constipated he was making a conscious decision to hold on to it.

It was desperately distressing to watch and he was in a lot of pain. Eventually my husband would have to lift him on to the toilet and force him to go. It was very upsetting for all of us. Rían would panic when he was out if he could not see something that he could hold on to to prevent himself from going. He would hold on to chairs, a table anything but go. Eventually after we had tried everything I heard about Craniosacral therapy.

I looked up the Golden pages and by luck came across your name. In total we took Rían for five sessions. He simply had to sit on the bed and play with toys when you worked on him. It was totally non invasive and he didn’t even realise you were really doing anything. Initially we saw some minor improvements and half way through the sessions he actually regressed a bit. But after the 5th session he started going to the toilet himself daily. No issues at all. No big deal. He just let go of the fear and now he is very proud of his toilet activities!! That is almost 1 year ago now and we have never looked back. I I have spoken to other mothers whose children have gone through this and a teacher friend of mine who told me many children starting school have this issue. I would recommend you without hesitation. t may sound dramatic to say this, but we feel like we have our happy child back and we are so grateful for all your help in achieving this.

Our second child, Fíadh was born in February of this year. From a few weeks old she became very unsettled in the evenings. She would cry from around 6pm to 12. The doctor suggested it could be colic but I was not convinced. When she was about 6 weeks old we booked some sessions of Craniosacral therapy with Colette. Fíadh had quite a fast birth and turned during the labour.

Colette did 3 sessions with her to sort these issues out and release some of the tension that had been caused during the labour. She also suggested changing her formula. Within a few weeks she was so much happier and settled. We also brought her for 3 more sessions recently. For the last few months she had been suffering from back to back ear infections. She was sleeping very badly and waking almost every hour at night. We were sleep deprived and at our wits end! It had started to creep into the evenings too. We would put her down at 8 but she would be awake by 9 and often up till 12 and then up every hour. She was very distressed when lying down in the cot and very difficult to settle.  Aoife worked with her for 3 sessions and now four weeks on she is going down like clockwork at 7.30 and she is sleeping almost straight through form 11 to 12 hours! She is also so much more settled for her day time naps. It really is amazing.

Thank you both so much for all the work you did. You are both an absolute pleasure to deal with. You always listen and are kind and caring. It is great that you text and ring to follow up and see how the children are doing. It is very obvious how much you care about your clients. I wish you both every success and would have no hesitiation recommending you.