• Maria Corcoran, Swords, Co. Dublin

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  • 28/08/2015

I’m a mother of two & currently 30 weeks pregnant with our third child. I heard of Cranial therapy through a friend & initially brought my 2 year old son who had suffered terrible with wind pains both up & down from birth. I had breast fed him same as I did my daughter who never had any wind problems & anyone I mentioned it to (Dr., Public health nurse, etc) just said he would grow out of it. I spent hours day & night waiting for his wind to come, he was not crying in pain, just unsettled & clingy, even after weaning at 5 months & starting to crawl & walk it got a bit better but not much, I could spend two hours at night with him awake happy to play but if I put him in the cot to sleep the pain would start & he would not settle. After the first session with Colette he improved hugely getting his wind up in about five minutes rather than one-two hours. Over a few weeks he had a number of sessions & is a new man since. His wind complaints were down to a fast, drug induced, birth which led to him through a difficult delivery which prevented his wind having a straight channel to exit. He also suffers from a bit of Excema & Colette suggested I get him allergy tested, she was spot on with all her recommendations.

While bringing my son to Colette I also started bringing my daughter, she had no major complaints but she was very unsettled at night time & I think had some internal gut issues. The sessions with Colette realigned her system & she is doing great.

I also have gone myself & I feel really great in this pregnancy, I had been killed with heart burn on both other pregnancies but have barely any at all in this one & I feel I have great energy & sleep great at night-time whereas during the other pregnancies I’d be awake ages at night.

I had heard of Cranial therapy before but had no idea what it was, I may still not know but I’d recommend Colette to anyone who has any complaint at all. I have found her to be most helpful & genuinely interested in helping & being so giving of her time & at the end of the phone for any questions & reassurance when asked, she was always very obliging with appointments & always very friendly & professional. Cranial therapy definitely was instrumental in helping our family.