Craniosacral Therapy and Pregnancy

The female body during pregnancy

CST techniques are also applied for women who are pregnant, and can alleviate many pre- and post-pregnancy discomforts and complaints that plague the body in varying degrees, both physical and emotional.

Pregnancy and becoming a Mum are one of the biggest body adjustments a woman’s body has to endure.

CST effectively assists and alleviates headaches, backache, scar tissue adhesions (post-caesarian births), and post natal depression.

It is also incredibly effective in preparing the body for a natural birth as the techniques used help prepare the body and positioning of the child to allow a natural vaginal delivery which more and more woman are opting for.

Pregnancy is a very physical experience. The mother has to gradually adapt to carrying up to 20lb of baby, waters and placenta during the pregnancy – the equivalent of almost 10 bags of sugar!

As a result, the expectant Mum can experience:
nausea/ vomiting – heartburn -constipation -oedema (swelling in joints ankles/ wrists) -urinary frequency -susceptibility to infection -leg cramps -varicosities (varicose veins/ haemorrhoids – breast soreness – joint   pains – backache – neck/ shoulder pain – rib/ diaphragm pain (and/ or shortness of breath) – headache – sinusitis – disturbed sleep – fatigue – increased blood pressure.

The relaxation of the pelvic joints causes a degree of pelvic instability so that women adopt a characteristic waddling gait in late pregnancy. This can also lead to Symphysis Pubic Disorder.

How CST can help during pregnancy

How CST can help during Pregnancy

The rise in oestrogen, as well as progesterone and other hormones in pregnancy, is also in part responsible for the magnification of emotions a pregnant woman experiences. Increased circulating levels intensify the myriad of feelings a pregnant woman has. Anxiety, in regard to how a woman may feel about herself, and the way her body is changing is normal, and her concerns regarding her own health and the health of the foetus are paramount. Anticipation of the new role of being a mother and the changes a new baby will bring to the family may be overwhelming.

Craniosacral therapy during and after pregnancy can be very beneficial in the following ways:

– It eases the physical discomforts of pregnancy

– In some cases, it can help stabilise a threatened miscarriage

– It helps to prepare the mothers body for the demands of labour

CST helps the recovery afterwards both physically and emotionally by balancing hormonal levels, dealing with areas of scarring, restoring the uterus to its natural position, and reducing the pelvic strain