Rían (3 1/2) is literally a new child after the sessions with did with you. For almost a year he had been struggling with toilet issues. In January 2011 he was constipated and obviously hurt himself during this time and developed a fear of going to the toilet. He would hold on to it for almost a week and if he needed to go he would hold on to something to stop it from coming out. He would scrunch his head up into his shoulders and do anything he could to stop it from coming. We went to 3 different doctors and all of them suggested laxatives. This was no good. He was not constipated he was making a conscious decision to hold on to it. It was desperately distressing to watch and he was in a lot of pain. Eventually my husband would have to lift him on to the toilet and force him to go. It was very upsetting for all of us. Rían would panic when he was out if he could not see something that he could hold on to to prevent himself from going. He would hold on to chairs, a table anything but go. Eventually after we had tried everything I heard about Craniosacral therapy. I looked up the Golden pages and by luck came across your name. In total we took Rían for five sessions. He simply had to sit on the bed and play with toys when you worked on him. It was totally non invasive and he didn’t even realise you were really doing anything. Initially we saw some minor improvements and half way through the sessions he actually regressed a bit. But after the 5th session he started going to the toilet himself daily. No issues at all. No big deal. He just let go of the fear and now he is very proud of his toilet activities!! That is almost 1 year ago now and we have never looked back. I I have spoken to other mothers whose children have gone through this and a teacher friend of mine who told me many children starting school have this issue. I would recommend you without hesitation. t may sound dramatic to say this, but we feel like we have our happy child back and we are so grateful for all your help in achieving this. Our second child, Fíadh was born in February of this year. From a few weeks old she became very unsettled in the evenings. She would cry from around 6pm to 12. The doctor suggested it could be colic but I was not convinced. When she was about 6 weeks old we booked some sessions of Craniosacral therapy with Colette. Fíadh had quite a fast birth and turned during the labour. Colette did 3 sessions with her to sort these issues out and release some of the tension that had been caused during the labour. She also suggested changing her formula. Within a few weeks she was so much happier and settled. We also brought her for 3 more sessions recently. For the last few months she had been suffering from back to back ear infections. She was sleeping very badly and waking almost every hour at night. We were sleep deprived and at our wits end! It had started to creep into the evenings too. We would put her down at 8 but she would be awake by 9 and often up till 12 and then up every hour. She was very distressed when lying down in the cot and very difficult to settle.  Aoife worked with her for 3 sessions and now four weeks on she is going down like clockwork at 7.30 and she is sleeping almost straight through form 11 to 12 hours! She is also so much more settled for her day time naps. It really is amazing. Thank you both so much for all the work you did. You are both an absolute pleasure to deal with. You always listen and are kind and caring. It is great that you text and ring to follow up and see how the children are doing. It is very obvious how much you care about your clients. I wish you both every success and would have no hesitiation recommending you.

Gill 27/03/2013

I suffered from a persistent back injury for a number of years which caused me a lot of discomfort and prevented me from playing sports. It had gotten to the stage where even walking was a problem. I had heard about Colette’s physical therapy and cranialsacral treatment through word of mouth and decided to give it a go.

She assessed my injury and determined I had a bulging disc in my back. She then put in place a programme of exercises and carried out physical therapy and cranialsacral therapy on the area. She assured me that if I followed this programme for eight to ten weeks that my condition would greatly improve. Having been unfamiliar with cranialsacral therapy I have to admit that I was a little sceptical at first but Colette reassured me that she would heal my injury. As the weeks went on I was delighted with my progress and by the end of the programme I was working on a plan with Colette to get back into sports.

Paul McGuire 12/06/2014

Having worked as a Fitness Professional for several years I’ve encountered many therapists but I can honestly say none have been as dedicated in their approach as Colette.

The follow-up service provided by Colette during my recovery from a recent calf injury was beyond anything I’ve experienced previously with other therapists, Colette was extremely dedicated and knowledgeable throughout my treatment and during my recuperation she would text & phone almost daily ensuring I was progressing and adhering to her treatment plan.

This level of dedication from Colette, in my opinion, ensured I was actively training again in a record recovery period!

I would happily recommend Colette as a superb therapist!

Jay Cromwell 14/09/2014

I brought my daughter Grace to Colette as my husband had been treated by her for his back problems and rated her highly.  Grace has Down’s Syndrome and at the time was not walking or talking but having had a lot of health problems resolved, we felt it was a good time to get her some therapy to help give her a boost.  Grace had six sessions with Colette and responded really well.

She started walking in November and I believe the CST had a part to play in getting her to that important step.  Colette has a lovely way about her and worked really well with Grace and followed Grace’s pace in the sessions.  I also recommended Colette to another lady whose baby had stomach problems and constant crying and I believe she made a huge difference to this child too.  Colette is a great therapist and I would highly recommend her.

Kathleen Keogh 24/10/2014

I first came across Colette’s clinic in Oct 2013. My daughter, usually a great sleeper <12 hours/ night), started waking hourly for no apparent reason. She would wake ‘screaming’ and we could not think of any reason why, nothing in her routine had changed…. She was constantly overtired and her appetite, interest in play etc were all out of sync. After only 1 session of cranio-sacral therapy, she became a lot more relaxed and ‘reasonable’ about going to bed, and only woke once per night that week. After her second treatment, her sleep pattern was completely back to normal!…. so much so that we had to wake her at 8am each morning 🙂

I myself attended Colette only a few weeks ago…I had acute lower back pain that she quickly diagnosed as a disc bulge at L5. Any prolonged sitting/ driving was a nightmare! After 4 treatments, along with a comprehensive back stability program, I’m well on the road to recovery. I would highly recommend Colette to anyone, her eagerness to have you right is obvious from day one… But what really puts you at ease is the depth of her qualifications along with her easy-going nature. I wish Colette the very best of luck with her Dublin practice!

Rory Killeens 15/12/2014

I first attended Colette last year with my newborn premature twins. Having been born almost 11 weeks early they had been diagnosed with reflux requiring three different types of medications. Feeding was very difficult and took each infant 90min to take a 2-3oz bottle. Both babies were also very distressed during feeds. It was a nightmare literally. After a few sessions with Colette they were like different babies. No crying during feeding and feeds were much quicker. I would highly recommend Colette to anyone as a nurse myself it is great peace of mind to know Colette is a highly qualified practioner and physiotherapist. I wish Colette the very best for her new clinic in Dublin.

Mary D'Arcy 27/02/2015

My daughter started crying every evening for hours when she was 4 weeks old.  We tried everything, changing her formula, using colic mixtures, different drops but nothing worked.  When she was 8 months old, after bringing her to many consultants who repeatedly told me she would grow out of it. Colette Trout was recommended to me.  After checking my daughter, Colette discovered that her pelvis was tilted inwards which was shortening her colon and intestines causing her the pain.  After the first few sessions she was very uncomfortable for a few days as the toxins were released, but after her fourth session we saw a huge improvement.  We continued to have more session as she was so long in this position. Colette found that the back of her head was very flat also which was the result of a very quick birth.  This meant that all functions in the head and spine were off line causing her more problems.

After Colette worked the cranial on her head you could physically see the difference in the shape. Our daughter is so much happier and settled since we brought her to Colette.  She sleeps most of the night now without any pain.
I was so impressed with Colette and her knowledge of the body and head and how it works that I attended her myself and also brought my 4 year old son.  My son was becoming increasingly anxious anytime my husband or I left him with someone else, even for a short period.  This was due to the recent loss of a close grandparent. He was very dependant on the two of us and he was having lots of tantrums! He had four sessions with Colette and he is like a different child.  I myself attended Colette for back problems that I have had for a long time and have had great success.  I cannot recommend Colette highly enough.  I have told many of my friends about her who have attended themselves for treatment and brought their children, all with great results.  What ever she does she does it brilliantly!

Grainne Reynolds, Donabate 07/04/2015

I’m a mother of two & currently 30 weeks pregnant with our third child. I heard of Cranial therapy through a friend & initially brought my 2 year old son who had suffered terrible with wind pains both up & down from birth. I had breast fed him same as I did my daughter who never had any wind problems & anyone I mentioned it to (Dr., Public health nurse, etc) just said he would grow out of it. I spent hours day & night waiting for his wind to come, he was not crying in pain, just unsettled & clingy, even after weaning at 5 months & starting to crawl & walk it got a bit better but not much, I could spend two hours at night with him awake happy to play but if I put him in the cot to sleep the pain would start & he would not settle. After the first session with Colette he improved hugely getting his wind up in about five minutes rather than one-two hours. Over a few weeks he had a number of sessions & is a new man since. His wind complaints were down to a fast, drug induced, birth which led to him through a difficult delivery which prevented his wind having a straight channel to exit. He also suffers from a bit of Excema & Colette suggested I get him allergy tested, she was spot on with all her recommendations.

While bringing my son to Colette I also started bringing my daughter, she had no major complaints but she was very unsettled at night time & I think had some internal gut issues. The sessions with Colette realigned her system & she is doing great.

I also have gone myself & I feel really great in this pregnancy, I had been killed with heart burn on both other pregnancies but have barely any at all in this one & I feel I have great energy & sleep great at night-time whereas during the other pregnancies I’d be awake ages at night.

I had heard of Cranial therapy before but had no idea what it was, I may still not know but I’d recommend Colette to anyone who has any complaint at all. I have found her to be most helpful & genuinely interested in helping & being so giving of her time & at the end of the phone for any questions & reassurance when asked, she was always very obliging with appointments & always very friendly & professional. Cranial therapy definitely was instrumental in helping our family.

Maria Corcoran, Swords 28/08/2015

Dear Colette,

I wanted to take the time to write you a few lines to say how thankful I am for your help in returning me back to a easier life and pain free one along with healthier. I have two prolapsed discs when they bulge they lean on the sciatic nerve, I came to you after seeking lots of medical advice and trying out lots of treatments, physiotherapy, acupuncture, chiropractor & of course hospital where I had some injections into my back. It’s so hard mentally to cope with back pain because it’s so prominent and you use your back in practically everything you do.

I arrived at Colette Trout Physical Therapy not knowing what this PST treatment involved, but because of the pain I was living with everyday I was willing to give anything a try. I walked into a beautiful calming atmosphere and met with Colette, she is such a warm, bubbly lady that I felt at ease a moment later. Before starting my PST treatment (Pulsed Signal Therapy) she assessed me and ran through my medical reports. She gave me the thumps up and assured me this treatment would work excellent with my injuries. To my surprise I actually got to have a rest with this treatment. It takes one hour and I was wrapped up in a blanket along with a pillow for my head, this didn’t feel like any of the other painful treatments in the past. You don’t even know it’s on and to be honest I nodded off I think on most appointments. I had a series of 9 sessions and they really did work. My body alignment was off, I always tended to depend on the right side as this was less painful than leaning my body weight to the left. After, my sessions I really felt better and noticed I didn’t depend on one side anymore, I was actually standing up straight. You have to be sure to follow Colette’s advice, whilst having these 9 sessions do not do any exercise or silly hard training as this will lead to not getting the results and being back to square one.…

I can now jump out of bed at a moments notice, whereas before I’d have to brace myself to get up. I am back light training and feel very good! I can’t thank you enough Colette for giving me light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

Anon, Malahide 11/11/2015

I have been attending Colette for over ten years now and have gone from someone who was permanently on crutches to someone who is able to have a full time job and enjoy the benefits of walking and dancing. Since being diagnosed with Lupus and Fibromyalgia Colette has always got my body back in shape with her manipulations and good health advice. I was never more delighted when she moved to Dublin at the same time I did because I knew and trusted her. I have completed the Pulse Signal Therapy treatment and after a few weeks noticed the amazing benefits. I wish I had done it years ago as I could now bend by leg backwards to 90 degrees which was an amazing achievement. Colette has been through every step of my recovery and has always taken it at my pace and never lost patience. Her continuous thirst for knowledge I find infectious, and it just shines through in her treatments. I have achieved above and beyond anything I ever though I could reach and this is entirely down to Colette.

Maura, Smithfield 22/01/2016

I started attending Colette for physical therapy for pain in my back and hip and for sciatica pain.  I had limited mobility in my hip and my GP had suggested physical therapy.  After my first session of physical therapy I felt a little better but after two or three sessions Colette suggested that the mobility was not returning as quickly as she would have hoped, I was still in a lot of pain and having difficulty walking.  She asked me to attend my GP again and suggested an MRI.  I was diagnosed with arthritis shortly after that.  I am a 40 year old mum of a young family and while I was surprised at the diagnosis at my age, I believe Colette had suspected it all along.

After the diagnosis, Colette suggested PST (Pulsed Signal Therapy).  I had never heard of it before so I was a little sceptical but did a little research and I decided I would give it a try.  I was surprised to learn there is no pain while undergoing PST, in fact it is a very relaxing therapy.  I commenced PST in November 2014, I had 9 one hour long sessions which only involved lying on my back on the PST table.  It is an unusual sensation, tingly and a little uncomfortable but rarely painful.  The next ten weeks were up and down to be honest, I had good and bad days – I was in no pain whatsoever some days and other days I struggled to walk.
However! week 10 post PST I turned a corner and since, I haven’t looked back!  It is now 8 months since I commenced the treatment, I rarely have any pain and walk without any difficulty.

I will shortly be having 3 top up sessions, as a preventative measure!

Susan, Swords 30/01/2016

“I first attended Colette for treatment in my third trimester of pregnancy as I had acute rib pain. Following one session with Colette in which she performed some physical therapy on my neck and shoulders and some craniosacral therapy on my ribs I felt a huge improvement. One additional treatment eliminated all pain and discomfort and I did not encounter the problem again throughout the rest of my pregnancy or post natal recovery period. I will admit that given how gentle craniosacral therapy is I was skeptical at that first appointment that I would find any relief from my rib pain. The relief was immense, and immediate, and given Colette’s extensive knowledge on female health and pregnancy she was able to treat me without causing any risk to me or my baby.

I have since attended Colette for treatment of old injuries aggravated during and following pregnancy. After my initial assessment and treatment I immediately noticed an improvement. Subsequent treatments combined with stretches and exercises Colette advised to do at home have helped to greatly improve strength and eliminate pain. Colette always talks through her treatments, explaining each step and the benefits as she goes, and also imparts information to help me to continue the healing process and strengthen the areas worked between sessions.

In addition I have brought my daughter to Colette for craniosacral therapy on several occasions throughout her first year. Following each treatment I always notice a big difference in her, sleeping more contently and simply happier in herself. Our initial visit to Colette was for colic, and as with me we saw immediate improvement in our daughter following her first session and had no further problems with colic following three sessions. Colette’s explanations of the functions of the body and the connections between them have also been invaluable in helping our baby has she has encountered frustrations with growth spurts and changes in her body.”

Roseanne Hewitt, Lusk, Co Dublin 18/07/2016

My family and I have been attending Jennifer with various ailments over the past 7 years. She has treated our family for colic, sinus problems, muscle/skeletal issues and so much more.

Jennifer is an extremely professional and talented osteopath with an amazing natural ability to put you at ease from the start of your appointments.  She is very thorough with her approach and looks at every detail that can impact on your complaint. She looks at the body as a whole and treats accordingly with her vast knowledge base. Not only does Jennifer treat you on the day, she offers sound advice for your aftercare.

Jennifer has been a fantastic support and health benefit to my family over the years and I wish her every success with her career in the future. Clíona Tynan, July 2016

Cliona Tynan Dublin 25/07/2016

Our daughter was born with the aid of a vontouse and in the subsequent weeks, she developed a severe torticollis in her neck. The muscles on one side of her neck were shorter and tighter and she preferred to hold her head to that side exclusively. As a result, she developed a noticeable flattened area on the back of her head. We contacted Jennifer to enquire about the usefulness of osteopathy to help improve both our daughter’s mobility and how cranial therapy might improve the plagiocephaly.

Along with physiotherapy and a cranial remoulding helmet, over the course of six months of regular osteopathy sessions with Jennifer, we saw an excellent improvement and the flattening was completely resolved.

I cannot speak highly enough of Jennifer; she has a warm and caring nature and quickly established a rapport with both ourselves and our daughter. We have since moved out of the area but based on the positive outcome of the treatment our daughter received from Jennifer, we ensured our second child also benefitted from osteopathic treatment. Karen, Howth July 2016.

Karen, Howth 22/09/2016

I first started going to colette when I was about 26 weeks pregnant with severe lower back and pelvic pain, so bad I was having great difficulty walking and dressing myself. Colette worked miricles and after two sessions I was painfree and able to get around and continue working. I went back to colette when Roisin was born due to severe back and rib pain and again she worked wonders and I was soon pain free. During one of these sessions I mentioned to Colette how unsettled Roisin was, very poor to feed, poor to bring up wind and at this stage she was screaming in pain after each bottle despite comfort formula and colic relief drops. Her colic and reflux was so bad she couldn’t even lie flat to have her nappy changed and was sleeping propped up on pillows.

Roisin had here first session of craniosacral therapy with colette at about 5 weeks old and my only regret was that I hadn’t brought her sooner. I could see an improvement after the first session and after the second session she was a complete different baby, no more feeding problems and no distress for her or me after each feed. She is 5 months old now and loves tummy time and sleeps on her back and isn’t bothered by colic or reflux.

I have recommended Colette to alot of family and friends especially friends who have new babies because she worked wonders on Roisin and for that i will be forever greatful.

Emma Hoey 27/09/2016

“Wow I am in such a different place a year later. I was suffering with ongoing Kidney Infections for 20+ years, crippling Vertigo, sore upper back which was causing headaches, adult acne etc…. the list was endless.
Thanks to all the advice and recommendations from my wonderful Nutritional Therapist Susan Horgan, I am a brand new woman 12 months later.
Antibiotic free, Kidney infection free, no more dizzy spells, clearer skin …. It has helped me so much mentally as well as physically. I was just so sick of being sick
I gave it my all – 100% – and boy was it worth it. You defo are what you eat. Thank you so much Food First Health for changing my life.”

Sue Clarke, Co Down 22/09/2020

“I was suffering quite a lot with stomach problems and had many clinical tests done to try determine what the issue was, unfortunately there was no conclusion and the problem persisted, I was losing weight, had no energy and was constantly running to the bathroom. Susan was recommended to me by a friend so I decided to go and see Susan to see if she could help me with my stomach issues. Within a few days after changing my diet, as guided by Susan, I started to feel so much better. My stomach was starting to settle down and I was able to go about my daily life without worrying where the nearest bathroom was. I am still following the advice Susan had given me along with taking the recommended supplements, and I feel absolutely great. I would highly recommend Susan as she did wonders for me at a time when my issue was impacting my every day life, thank you so much Susan”