Reflexology Cancer Care

Reflexology can offer many things to cancer patients. For me as a Reflexologist a client’s emotional support is a key element in their journey and that of their carer’s. Reflexology also has many other benefits to offer, by way of relieving nausea, helps with constipation, reduces stress levels, helps with the reduction of pain and assists with sleep. It can be an extremely grounding experience for the client.

Reflexology can be given, before, after and during chemotherapy. Reflexology cannot cause the spread of Cancer nor can it increase elimination of chemotherapy drugs through increased urination.

Reflexology can also be given before, and after Radiotherapy.

All clients must have a letter of consent from their consultant before commencing a Reflexology treatment.

I currently volunteer my services in ARC Cancer Care, and St Francis Hospice in Raheny.

Reflexology can be given to both Paediatric and Adult Oncology patients all of which I have gained a vast amount of experience.