• Karen, Howth

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  • 22/09/2016

Our daughter was born with the aid of a vontouse and in the subsequent weeks, she developed a severe torticollis in her neck. The muscles on one side of her neck were shorter and tighter and she preferred to hold her head to that side exclusively. As a result, she developed a noticeable flattened area on the back of her head. We contacted Jennifer to enquire about the usefulness of osteopathy to help improve both our daughter’s mobility and how cranial therapy might improve the plagiocephaly.

Along with physiotherapy and a cranial remoulding helmet, over the course of six months of regular osteopathy sessions with Jennifer, we saw an excellent improvement and the flattening was completely resolved.

I cannot speak highly enough of Jennifer; she has a warm and caring nature and quickly established a rapport with both ourselves and our daughter. We have since moved out of the area but based on the positive outcome of the treatment our daughter received from Jennifer, we ensured our second child also benefitted from osteopathic treatment. Karen, Howth July 2016.