• Rory Killeens, General Manager, The Harbour Master Bar & Restaurant

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  • 15/12/2014

I first came across Colette’s clinic in Oct 2013. My daughter, usually a great sleeper <12 hours/ night), started waking hourly for no apparent reason. She would wake ‘screaming’ and we could not think of any reason why, nothing in her routine had changed…. She was constantly overtired and her appetite, interest in play etc were all out of sync. After only 1 session of cranio-sacral therapy, she became a lot more relaxed and ‘reasonable’ about going to bed, and only woke once per night that week. After her second treatment, her sleep pattern was completely back to normal!…. so much so that we had to wake her at 8am each morning 🙂

I myself attended Colette only a few weeks ago…I had acute lower back pain that she quickly diagnosed as a disc bulge at L5. Any prolonged sitting/ driving was a nightmare! After 4 treatments, along with a comprehensive back stability program, I’m well on the road to recovery. I would highly recommend Colette to anyone, her eagerness to have you right is obvious from day one… But what really puts you at ease is the depth of her qualifications along with her easy-going nature. I wish Colette the very best of luck with her Dublin practice!