• Roseanne Hewitt, Lusk, Co Dublin

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  • 18/07/2016

“I first attended Colette for treatment in my third trimester of pregnancy as I had acute rib pain. Following one session with Colette in which she performed some physical therapy on my neck and shoulders and some craniosacral therapy on my ribs I felt a huge improvement. One additional treatment eliminated all pain and discomfort and I did not encounter the problem again throughout the rest of my pregnancy or post natal recovery period. I will admit that given how gentle craniosacral therapy is I was skeptical at that first appointment that I would find any relief from my rib pain. The relief was immense, and immediate, and given Colette’s extensive knowledge on female health and pregnancy she was able to treat me without causing any risk to me or my baby.

I have since attended Colette for treatment of old injuries aggravated during and following pregnancy. After my initial assessment and treatment I immediately noticed an improvement. Subsequent treatments combined with stretches and exercises Colette advised to do at home have helped to greatly improve strength and eliminate pain. Colette always talks through her treatments, explaining each step and the benefits as she goes, and also imparts information to help me to continue the healing process and strengthen the areas worked between sessions.

In addition I have brought my daughter to Colette for craniosacral therapy on several occasions throughout her first year. Following each treatment I always notice a big difference in her, sleeping more contently and simply happier in herself. Our initial visit to Colette was for colic, and as with me we saw immediate improvement in our daughter following her first session and had no further problems with colic following three sessions. Colette’s explanations of the functions of the body and the connections between them have also been invaluable in helping our baby has she has encountered frustrations with growth spurts and changes in her body.”